Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Recent Updates - Pull-ups and Spartan Race Signup

 We have signed up to do a Spartan race again in May.  I have started running on our treadmill and will hopefully be also running outside soon.

I have also challenged myself to do 20 pull-ups.  I was able to do 12 about  week ago.  I have also done one day where I started at 10 pull-ups and throughout the day did 9, 8, 7 etc. for a total of 55.  Then about a week later I did the same thing, starting at 11 for a total of 66.  That is, I think, by far the most I have ever done in one day.  12 at once is also my current record.

I'm going to try to do 13 today and maybe do the countdown if I am feeling not too sore.  I'll try to post again soon about my progress there.

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