Tuesday, July 14, 2020

July Challenge

For July the goal is to get 1500 minutes of exercise total.  So far I have only done about 400 and the month is almost half over.  I have done some running, but mostly elliptical and weights.  We have a hike planned for the weekend, so hopefully that will be several hours.  I should have 750 minutes done by now so I need some long workouts to get caught up.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

June Running Challenge Complete and What's Next

I finished my June running challenge.  That last 2 days of the month were rainy and I needed 4 more miles.  I ended up running 2 miles in the rain each of the last 2 days to get the whole 50 miles.  This challenge worked really well to keep me motivated.

For July we are doing an active minutes challenge.  We will be doing 1500 minutes of some kind of exercise.  We are going to do half of that, 750 minutes, as running.  This should keep us running quite a bit, but allow for some other things like strength training or using our elliptical machine on rainy days.