Sunday, March 8, 2020

Spartan Training

I haven't been working out nearly as much I should be.  Last week my wife and I took our kids and ran/walked down to the kid's school.  They have a pretty nice set of monkey bars, some rings, and some other equipment to climb on.  We stayed for a while and played on those and let the kids play on the slides and swings.

Today we road our bikes to the school and did some of the same exercises.  They also have some tires buried half in the ground.  We climbed on and over those a for a while for wall climbing practice.  The monkey bars are about seven feet tall.  I have been trying to jump up from the side and climb over, but I can't quite do it.  I can get my elbows up on the top, but I can't lift myself from there.  I'm going to practice some more on the wall that we have at home (I put in a 4 ft and a 7ft wall to practice on).  On the wall I can do it, but with nothing to push my legs against I can't quite get up there.  I'll keep trying.

In between these two workouts I have only been doing a few pushups, pullups, and situps here and there.  I need to get started working out daily again.

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