Sunday, February 23, 2020

Marathon Training

My wife and I are planning to run a marathon in Havre, MT on June, 6th 2020.  It will be my first marathon and my wife's second marathon.  She ran the Missoula marathon several years ago.

We started training about 2-3 weeks ago.  I have done several runs, today being the longest at 7 miles.  My knees hurt a bit, but I think it was because of all the sugar I ate the day before.  It was my son's birthday party.

I believe this 7 mile run was my longest run ever, so far.  I averaged about 11 min/mile.  I think on a day when my knees are feeling better I could get closer to a 10 min/mile average.  With more training I could even do better at that distance.  At full marathon distance I will probably keep the speed slow to avoid injury.  We are following a training plan from this book (Marathon You Can Do It! by Jeff Galloway)

I'm going to try to document the process here on my blog as much as I can.

We are also going to be running a Spartan race in Bigfork, MT in May of 2020.  We are doing some additional training for the obstacles.  This will be my third Spartan race.  The first 2 my wife and I did last year in Arizona, and Bigfork.  They were both Sprints, which are about 3 miles.  The race this year will be about 7-8 miles I think.  I'm going to try to post more about the training for that also.

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